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GfG Instrumentation develops and manufactures a full line of portable gas detectors, fixed systems and respiratory airline monitors to provide protection from combustible gases and vapors, oxygen hazards and toxic gases. GfG offers reliable protection that can be customized to meet your specific gas detection needs.
GfG has recently introduced the G460, the world’s most advanced portable atmospheric monitor.The G460 offers up to 6 gas capabilities, including PID for the detection of VOCs and infrared for the detection CO2. For more information please contact GfG at (800) 959-0329 or (734) 769-0573

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 January 30-31, 2013 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, - Sacramento, CA

 February 05-06, 2013 MI-AWWA/MWEA Joint Expo, - Lansing, MI

 February 26-28, 2013 Pumper & Cleaner Expo, - Indianapolis, IN

 February 27-28, 2013 RWAU Rural Water Association of Utah, - St. George, UT

 March 05-06, 2013 GOSH Oregon Governor's Safety&Health Conference, - Portland, OR

 March 18-20, 2013 IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Show, - Colorado Springs, CO

 March 19-20, 2013 Alaska Governors Safety Conference, - Anchorage, AK

 April 08-09, 2013 NSC Texas Safety Conference & Expo, - Galveston, Texas

 April 09-11, 2013 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo, - Columbus, OH

 April 16-17, 2013 Michigan Safety Conference, - Grand Rapids, MI

 April 16-19, 2013 CWEA Conference & Expo, - Palm Springs, CA

 April 22-27, 2013 FDIC Fire Department Instructors Conference, - Indianapolis, IN

 April 30-May 05, 2013 PIP Partners in Prevention (IAPA), - Toronto, Canada

 May , 2013 Jack Doheny Open House - MI, - Northville, MI

 May 20-22, 2013 AIHce American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo, - Montreal, Quebec

 June 24-26, 2013 ASSE Safety 2013 American Sociiety of Safety Engineers, - Las Vegas, NV

 August 26-29, 2013 VPPPA Voluntary Protection Programs Participants' Association, - Nashville, TN

 September 03-06, 2013 Continuing Challenge HAZMAT Workshop, - Sacramento, CA

 September 24-26, 2013 Tri State Seminar, - Las Vegas, NV

 September 30-October 02, 2013 NSC National Safety Council Congress & Expo, - Chicago, IL

 October 05-09, 2013 weftec Water Environment Federation Technical Exposition& Conference, - Chicago, IL

 October 30-November 02, 2013 RETA Refrigeratng Engineers & Technicians Association, - Bellevue, WA

 October , 2013 Jack Doheny Open House - OH, - Twinsburg, OH


G450 Multi-gas Detector
Exceptional Confined Space Performance

Compact and robust 1-to-4 sensor design, full 3-year warranty on all sensors, interchangeable battery packs for up to 25 hours of continuous operation, motorized pump operable in diffusion or sample-draw mode, highly water resistant (IP 67), O2, H2S, CO, and combustible gases, extra large, invertible, heterochromatic display, rotating 360o bright, flashing alarms, and loud 103 dB buzzer


G460 Multi-gas Detector
Exceptional Multi-gas Performance

GfG’s new intrinsically safe G460 is a rugged, compact instrument for simultaneous detection of up to 6 gases. Installed sensor options include infrared (NDIR) for CO2 and PID for VOC measurements. The G460 offers completely automatic calibration, one-button operation, top mounted display and interchangeable battery packs. -> more